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DIY Penis Pump

How to Make Homemade Penis Pump

Warning ! : Use of penis pumps can cause side effects ( breaking of capillary walls, change in color of the penis area, ligament injuries, retracting testicles etc.). The pump which is presented hereof has a safety valve – a hole which you must always keep closed with one finger in order to create vacuum, so that there is a sudden release of zero point vacuum when you remove the finger from the hole; therefore, this pump model is one of the safest to use. In spite of this, before you apply the homemade pump on your penis you must comply with our terms of use before you continue reading the further text.

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Why should we make a homemade penis pump when their price is becoming more and more affordable these days (indeed, you can order even in our store on this site the cheapest model similar to the one we make at the price of 14 US$)? The reason why I came to an idea to make myself a pump was that the cylinder of the aforementioned commercial pump became tight as well as because of the challenge to design that has driven me since my early age. The pumps with a wide cylinder have a price three times higher or even more than the ones of the standard diameter, so maybe your reason for making this pump can be economical in nature. Or maybe designer's?

The homemade penis pump which we make. To construct the bulb, we use a tennis ball; we have taken the valves from an old blood pressure monitor and the cylinder is made from two strong plastic mugs.

Here is the complete list of all what you need:

  1. Two mugs, glasses or alike, made of strong transparent plastic for the cylinder. You can find some other one-piece solution (see picture 5 further in the text), but it is important that the plastic has a bit thicker wall and is strong so that it does not deviate when vacuum is formed, and that it is transparent – so that you have visual control of what is going on inside. Glass as a material for the cylinder is not recommended.
  2. A softer tennis ball (I took an old one, but new will do as well). The bulbs from the blood pressure monitor are too soft and weak, so that as soon as some vacuum is formed (almost unnoticeable and insufficient for the pump to work on the penis) they cannot return to the initial state in order to continue with pumping. In contrast to that, the tennis ball is sufficiently, even too hard (in order not to get exhausted by pumping, you can find an older softer ball).
  3. Inner motorbike or mountain bike tube (of diameter a bit smaller than the cylinder and a bit softer, i.e., thinner so that you could pull it on the cylinder easily – see picture 16).
  4. The hose (best taken off from an old blood pressure monitor) which you cut into 3 pieces as shown in the picture above (see picture 12 for more detail). The hose has to be soft so that it can work and seal the upper opening on the cylinder. With this hose from the old blood pressure monitor, we did not use any jointing material (silocone and alike) for making the pump.
  5. A one-way valve (to let in the air in one direction only). Since we used the whole old blood pressure monitor (see picture 11) and there are two valves on it, i.e. there are two valves on its bulb – one with a regulator (5) and one without a regulator (6) which you have to set reversely because they are directed to blow the air into the cuff, and here we need to suck the air out of the cylinder. The regulator on the valve (5) in this case has no function because we will reverse the valve.
  6. Another one-way valve from the pump of the blood pressure monitor, too.
  7. A drilled rivet or something similar (a thin copper pipe with the bottom edge bent so that it cannot slide off through the upper hole on the cylinder). It is used to connect the cylinder and the hose.
  8. Two pieces of a harder plastic pipe or thinner copper pipe or something like that. They are used to connect the hose with the cylinder and for connecting the pump i.e. the tennis ball, with the hose i.e. the valve.

When you have acquired all of the  abovementioned (it can be in different form but with the same function), lets start with assembling.

You can see from the picture the thickness of the mug/glass wall.  The solutions with the two glasses turned out to be more practical when assembling than a single-piece cylinder because it is easier to insert a hose into the shorter glass, i.e. the connecting element with the hose – rivet (7). The disadvantage of this solution is that it is harder to look into the inside of the cylinder at the joining point. I simply could not find better pieces (a piece) of plastic in my town (namely, I did not have more time to look for it), so I had to use these glasses. But the pump does the job perfectly and I am really satisfied.

Making a cylinder from two glasses, i.e. mugs. It would be the best if they are without patterns, i.e, they are completely transparent.

A few more suggestions for the cylinder. To the left – a plastic oil container – food container plastic. It must be more transparent than this one shown and it would be better if it was of the same diameter alongside. Since the cross-section of this cylinder is not a circle but a concave rectangular, after mounting the tube on the bottom part, I could not create vacuum at all. To the right – a baby thermos flask. The plastic with a wall thick enough and finely transparent, but too short. Have you got maybe any good idea in the meantime? You must make sure that the optimal diameter of the opening is about 2 - 2.4 inches (5 - 6 cm) (for all the penis sizes – it is hard to achieve vacuum with a bigger diameter of the opening), and that the length of the cylinder should be by 1.2 - 1.6 in (3, 4 cm) bigger than your penis lenght in maximal erection (so that you will not have to look for i.e. make a new cylinder very soon).

First we will make an opening at the bottom of one of the mugs  2 - 2.2 inches (5 - 5.5 cm) in diameter for the penis. That can be done by successively drilling holes adjacent to one another or....